Who Is Arsh Singh?

After a decade in the tech scene and multiple years building and launching digital products, I now help companies ideate MVPs, launch mobile apps, help with digital transformation and growth hack product launches.

I help you save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent researching and navigating through trial and error.

Following a number of successful entrepreneurial business ventures, I now help budding entrepreneurs with pre-seed investment along with our network of other angel investors at APS Investments.

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What Arsh Does?


It all starts with an idea. Your idea. We help you unleash your creative idea and accelerate your growth by investing in your startup. We are one of the few venture capitalist that invest at the concept stage.


As a business consultants & angel investors not only we invest in your startup but also mentor & guide you throughout the process. We support you through any early setbacks & build strategies for the future.


If the foundation of your business is on an app or on technology in general, then look no further. Our experience and expertise in the software engineering helps you convert concepts into platforms.


Growth hacking and marketing is our turf. We help you from concept to product to traction and use our network of investors to find your next investor, to further fuel the growth of your startup.

What Arsh Loves?









Our managment consultants helps entrepreneurs turn their app ideas into cash and create a successful business by investing and mentoring throughout the process. Appreneurs are making thousands and millions of dollars and many of them began with just a few thousand dollars as an investment and zero technical knowledge.

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